Colorado Mountain College Tracks Its Energy Consumption With CLEER’s Energy Navigator

Clean Energy Economy for the Region’s (CLEER) now has 25 new additions to its Energy Navigator. The additions are buildings belonging to Colorado Mountain College. The Energy Navigator is quite versatile and is capable of displaying online the college’s annual energy usage, as well as energy consumption every fifteen minutes. Other institutions on the Colorado Energy Navigator include Alpine Bank and Summit School District.

The Buena Vista Campus and Glenwood Springs administrative offices are the only buildings owned by the college that aren’t currently being tracked by the Energy Navigator. However, the college intends to have the Energy Navigator fully operational across all the campuses by Spring 2014.

The Colorado Mountain College is hoping that the Energy Navigator will heighten the awareness of energy consumption and conservation. The college also hosts energy competitions across campuses and the energy navigator will only assist in making competitions more interesting and fun. Plans are afoot to install touch screen computer kiosks to encourage interaction with the Energy Navigator.

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