Intel’s Smart-chip Move


Powerhouse microprocessor manufacturer Intel is acting to get a significant piece of the $5 billion smart-chip market involved in monitoring power grids and saving energy through balancing supply and consumption demands. Intel’s interests are twofold: the increasing demand in the smart-chip industry and the need for the company to sell more microprocessors.

Germany, France, and the United Kingdom are all currently pursuing renewable generation as a means to meet climate change demands over the next decade. Hannes Schwaderer, Intel’s director of energy, stated “It’s not a market where Intel is operating in isolation, there is a lot of competition out there.” Other companies directly in competition with Intel are Cisco and IBM, both who have a significant industry presence.

The future of smart-chips will depend much on the willingness of industrial nations to meet the International Energy Agency goal of a $38 trillion investment to meet the projected increasing demand.  Electricity providers are increasingly looking toward smart technology to manage their power delivery systems.

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